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M3 Supercharge
Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Concept

We are AETuned

  • We dont tune cars without having hands on experience!

    We are one of the most respected ecu performance tuning in Malaysia. We have the most highly skilled and trained technical support staff in the industry. We can make your cars performance unique, run smoother, make it more efficient and ultimately perform better!

    We believe reliability and driveability is as important as power and torque and therefore our maps have built a reputation for being some of the best in the tuning world. Using some of the most advanced and sophisticated tuning equipment available, combined with years of experience we are able to tune the vast majority of cars on the market today.

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About Us

  • ECU Remap

    Unleashing the true potential of a vehicle, depending on customer requirements this could be simply to extract as much performance as possible or to generate the most amount of fuel efficiency. All our maps are fully custom and most are developed in house.

  • Diagnostic and Programming

    Continued investment into the latest aftermarket and main dealer diagnostic equipment allows us to offer everything a dealer can and more. From fault finding to module programming and initialization we have the equipment, knowledge and training.

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